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OASYS delivers a suite of application modernization tools, designed to enable and support technology managers in delivering risk managed incremental change to complex legacy MultiValued technologies. 


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Web Based Terminal Emulation delivers traditional green screen terminal emulation in a browser. In environments where there are large numbers of transient users and in which managing the deployment of desktop software is a challenge, OASYS | Web Emulation offers the flexibility of accessing your host-based system from anywhere via a common browser. With support for most desktop emulator extensions such as file processing, pop-ups and other interoperable abilities, OASYS | Web Emulation offers a low cost way of distributing user access.

Dynamically Generated Responsive Web UI extends OASYS | Web with a framework that actively discovers screen flows and screen navigation to generate .NET screen definitions, producing fully responsive html and mobile interface without any changes in the backend application. OASYS | Web UI creates definitions that are easily customized, combined and enriched to deliver a new and more powerful user experience.


Web Application Development Framework (DesignBais) provides those firms needing new web-based application modules that desire to use existing MV developers in accomplishing an alternative, while continuing to develop legacy functionality. This structured configuration based framework rapidly develops new web-based capabilities against the existing legacy MV database.


Green Screen in a Browser

Auto Generated Responsive UI

Fully Extendible


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Integrate Cloud Based Services and enable your legacy application to leverage modern business services while simultaneously retiring older and harder to manage legacy functionality. OASYS | Omni provides a configuration-based service architecture that can be easily called from legacy MV subroutines allowing new or replacement functionality to be introduced. With support for Single Sign-on (SSO), these services are seamlessly integrated.

Expose Legacy Data and Business Logic as REST Services that provide both read and write access to your legacy application. Done primarily through configuration, while providing the ability to customize your system using MV basic, OASYS | OMNI simplifies how your non-MV developers can quickly and easily create new functionality using real-time transaction capabilities.

Facilitate Collaboration Between Multi-Disciplinary Teams including web developers, .NET developers and MV developers. As your company adopts more modernized development tools and resources, this ensures an efficient and key collaboration with legacy MV developers. OASYS | OMNI enables these teams to establish a common service based vocabulary that allows each to focus on their respective roles. 

Deliver Services as Web/Mobile Content configured directly in OMNI to introduce a wide-range of administrative and utility functionality as html, simply by pointing to any previously created service.

A Complete Integration Toolkit that solves for REST API's , Web Services, CRUD Operations, ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) file-based integrations, Socket communications, Web/Mobile interfaces and packaging capabilities that deliver easy deployment. All delivered as a unified high-performance integration server with service level management, logging and security controls.

Bi-directional REST Services

Web Services

Socket Communications

File Transformation and Transfer

Web/Mobile Content Delivery

Security Framework

Logging and Service Levels

Web Configuration Environment

Automated Service Packaging

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The Onsystex Oasys REST Restful API is the industry standard way to expose multivalue data securely to any external consumers and reuse existing business rules. Coupled with advanced web and mobile development technologies, you can finally show your existing applications or build new ones with the most modern tools available. 

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Multi-platform support

Scalable, secure & high performance

Extensible to OMNI Enterprise framework

​Library to access any MV data, program or command

Free your data and business rules

Increase productivity and show results

Modernize your core applications

Extend, build and integrate quickly

Deploy to desktops, mobile devices and tables

Near Real Time replication of MultiValue data sets to SQL

Net Change push of only changed data

Bi-directional supporting updates to MultiValue Data

Automated Discovery of schemas from dictionaries and data

Scheduled or Event-Based replication


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Oasys Bridge is a powerful data integration and migration solution for Multivalue Applications. Everything you need to effectively script, manage, control and deploy real time on demand and scheduled data movement processes between Multivalue and SQL databases.

Near real time and/or batch data

Seamless bidirectional integration

Map MV data files into schemas

Full logging & error management

Alerts and Notifications

Less than ½ GB of disk space

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