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Take a 3 minute tour of how we use OASYS to assist customers in executing a predictable strategy in modernizing their MultiValue applications.

Introducing OASYS

OASYS | Bridge

We believe that opening up your MultiValue database to modern business intelligence tools and applications is crucial to any modernization strategy. OASYS Bridge enables data exposure by providing an event model and transport capability for bi-directional database replication.


Allow your organization to capitalize on decades of embedded business logic during the modernization process.

Oasys OMNI provides a configuration (not code) centric framework to accomplish 'service orientation' of existing applications to seamlessly and effortlessly interface with modern external services.

OASYS | Cloud

Vide Bridge
Video OMNI
Video Cloud

If you want to transform your legacy MultiValue application to become a commercial Cloud application, we have optimized OASYS OMNI to enable an evolutionary approach to enriching legacy data.

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