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This is a demonstration of OASYS|WEB

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High-performance Web Gateway which provides the ability to make HTTP calls to OMNI REST services and web content developed in OMNI and which includes a single sign-on architecture leveraging existing UNIX based users and credentials.

Real-Time REST Based Services (RTI) which enables the design and implementation of re-useable services that encapsulate legacy data and business logic and which can be invoked by (a) external applications; (b) web pages; and (c) as subroutines from within legacy Universe applications.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) framework which provides bi-direction (import/export) capabilities to implement file based integrations.

Web Services Integration which provides a configurable framework to integrate parameter driven external web services

Web Content Development which provides the ability to deliver web and mobile content that leverages the RTI service architecture to render and update legacy data.

OMNI Administration Application provides a centralized web-based administration of all OMNI functions including service level monitoring, service configuration and web-page development.

Service Packaging Framework provides the ability to rapidly develop and promote services in a controlled manner to multiple environments

Integration Framework

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Data Replication Platform 

Near Real Time replication of MultiValue data sets to SQL

Net Change push of only changed data

Bi-directional supporting updates to MultiValue Data

Automated Discovery of schemas from dictionaries and data

Scheduled or Event-Based replication

Full Logging and Error Management

Alerts and Notifications 


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