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Onsystex was founded by MultiValue veterans with an average of 20 years experience including positions at leading MultiValue companies such as Pick Systems, Raining Data, Informix, Ardent, Unidata, System Builder, ONgroup, Cuebic, Apscore, Ultimate Corp, General Automation and C.Itoh.


The company has a single mission - help companies reduce
and eliminate their dependency on MultiValue technology.





The idea was born of the single notion that the amazing success and proliferation of the MultiValue data model and development paradigm over the past 30 years may finally be coming to an end. What was once its’ strengths – the ease with which people could build useful solutions – is now its’ Achilles heel.


MultiValue flexibility eventually has led to hundreds of thousands of installations of important software applications solving real business problems at some of the largest companies in the world.


Nearly 40 years after its introduction, these applications are now under the scrutiny of every CTO and CIO considering the risk and efficiency of their IT operations. Their concerns are driven by a business landscape in which speed and competitive advantage are almost always a function of an organizations ability to move quickly in adopting new technologies and innovation.


OASYS has been designed from the ground up
to transition companies to more 'best-of'
development and management technologies.





While there have been many tools and improvements, the ability to understand, access and protect MultiValue data has trailed other technologies. For most technology executives, the business demands of analytics, business intelligence, big data, etc. have resolved them to move from the MultiValue file system in favor of mainstream relational and other data technologies.


The rationale is straightforward and not about which databases are better. It reflects the simple reality that while there are 100,000+ installations of MultiValue applications installed today, there are not many new applications being built and many more being retired each year. Furthermore, the half dozen vendors supporting MultiValue database flavors - with total database related revenues estimated at less than $250MM combined - cannot compete with the billions of dollars invested each year in the development of main stream and emerging database technologies.


OASYS delivers total data independence from the
MultiValue file system seamlessly and directly
from your legacy MultiValue application. 





It is often said the strength of MultiValue was the ‘real-world’ nature of the database model and the fact that it allowed for the ‘capture of complex business rules’. Both of these statements are true. However, the real proliferation came from the ease with which the basic programs interacted with the file system and the fact that complex functionality could be developed organically with virtually no consideration of architecture, separation, data models, object design or documentation. And here is the dilemma for most application owners contemplating modernization.


Many find themselves unable to rapidly scale up talent to address new development demands or worse, are potentially on the verge of losing the talent they currently have. There is little or no opportunity to benefit from lower cost offshore development. They are unable to easily utilize the thousands of off-the-shelf third-party components that modern applications benefit from.


OASYS enables you to leverage off-the-shelf

technologies and gain access to more readily

available talent and lower cost resources.





Modernization must occur along business reasonable time frames

The cost of modernization must be rational as measured against completely new application development

The process must be predictable, measured and produce incremental business benefits



Tim Spells, President

A founder and executive in multiple MultiValue businesses including Cuebic, OnGroup and Apscore, Tim is a well known and respected provider of trusted MultiValue products.  


Mario Barrenechea, CTO

Mario brings 25 years of experience in executive, product, sales and technology roles at companies such as System Builder, Pick Systems, UniData, Ardent, Informix and Raining Data. Mario has also been on the forefront of numerous non-MultiValue products including Vertica, a columnar store database.


Bob Miller, COO

Bob has 25 years of experience in MultiValue and has founded and exited 4 financial technology startups incorporating MultiValue innovations such as objected oriented basic, web delivery and multi peta byte XML storage.

Ian Sandler, Director

A long career spanning both database providers and application companies, Ian has held positions at General Automation, C.Itoh, Sanyo and consulted to scores of companies globally.

Gil Figueroa, Chairman

A veteran of numerous MultiValue companies, Gil was CEO of Pick Systems and the architect of the public offering that created Raining Data.


Ralph Breslauer, Advisor 

A key figure in MultiValue since the 80's, Ralph has held executive and founder positions at System Builder, Unidata, Ardent, Informix and most recently as the CEO of Vertica and 'big data' innovation company.


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