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Diagram illustrates how OASYS capabilities enable the adoption of new technologies which eventually reduce the dependency on and ultimately eliminate the MV applications.

One Size Does Not Fit All.

Modernization programs do not occur in a vacuum. They involve motivating talent, educatiing customers and business sponsors, showing progress and producing returns.


We start with a play book that leverages our powerful replication, integration and web-ification capabilities to develop a tailored modenization strategy that caters to your business drivers, economics, customer sensitivites and timelines.

Buy Time With Modern User Interfaces

Sometimes short term wins in the form of a more modern interface or responsive web content is needed to 'buy time' with customers to address more significant re-engineering. Our OASYS | Web solutions provide a range of capabilities to incrementally enhance legacy functionality with modern web and mobile interfaces.  

Leverage the Cloud

Most MV applications historically were  created because the filled a legitimate gap or implemented functionality that was nuanced enough to require a custom approach.  20 years later, many of these applications and modules now exist as powerful cloud-based services that are configurable, affordable and easily integrated (if you are developing in modern languages and frameworks).  OASYS | OMNI provides an integration layer that enables legacy MV applications and developers to capitalize on these tools with automated

Improve Business Intelligence

It is a data driven world and so much of the data in MV applications is not only locked in a proprietary data structure but in a database that does not enforce data typing or referential business rules.  This has created a serious challenges for businesses driven to mine, understand and react to the complexties of their customers and operations.  OASYS | Bridge provides a unique near-real-time and bi-directional replication strategy which quickly surfaces hard-to-understand MV data as SQL and allows for use of the hundreds of tools capable of analyzing this information including modern business intelligence tools.

Evolution. Not Revolution.

All Onsystex products are designed to implement incrementally and on 'portions' of an MV system.  This approach allows us to tailor a solution specifically to the business needs of your firm.

So if your are struggling with client demands for mobile, executives wanting business intelligence, sales teams needing best in class solutions to compete or a strategic need such as investment or IPO to eliminate your MV dependency - Onsystex has a playbook for you.

Architecture Assessments apply our decades of experience to assess and uncover the best combination of modernization strategies that will fulfill stated business objectives.

Modernization Planning converts Architecture Assessments into actionable technology plans including sequencing, dependencies, resourcing, investment analysis and project management strategy.

Implementation Services are provided on all our products and include planning, project management, development, quality assurance and training.

Outsourced Services leverage our substantial network of MultiValued and mainstream talent to provide supplemental resources to client modernization projects.

Application Development Services are available a number of our  web, integration and 4GL products.

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