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From a Proven Playbook

It Starts With A Great Plan

We Believe in Measure Twice and Cut Once

Transformation Requires Clear Objectives, Recognition of Challenges,
a Plan and the Experience to Navigate the Road Ahead.

We start with an assessment of the current state of your MV applications, with focus on your modernization journey to date categorizing what you believe has worked and what has not.    

Next, we consider the nature of your application, its uniqueness, and how it might be modularized into modern application components.

Working with your teams we suggest possible technical and business migration strategies.

With the roadmap agreed, we integrate the required integration architecture components to lay the foundation for migrating data, business logic, and transferring business functions to non-MultiValue applications.


Assess Your Existing
MV Application


Deploy Cloud Integration Architecture and Services



Implement New Replacement Applications



Manage MV End of Life
and Retirement


Understanding Your Current MV Stack and
Modernization Efforts to Date is Critical
To Setting a Path to Retirement.

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Assess Your Existing
MV Infrastructure

Our teams are knowledgeable in all Database flavors, and many of the top MV ERP systems and 4GL's.  Our process ensures we understand and leverage what has been used to date and architect the most efficient path forward.


  • Tech Stack Inventory 

  • Application Architecture

  • Integration Capabilities

  • Cloud Architecture

  • Modernization Efforts to Date

  • Current Modernization Vision


  • Cloud Integration Priorities

  • Infrastructure Requirements

  • MultiValue Dependencies

  • POC Cases for Cloud Integration

  • Success Criteria

  • Schedule

  • Roadmap Objectives


  • Application Roadmap

  • Cloud Integration Dependencies

  • MV Dependencies

  • Third-Party Application Assumptions

  • Phase Timelines

  • Costs

Augment Current Cloud Capabilities With
Powerful Replication, API Enablement, Telemetry, and Data Discovery 

MultiValue Technologies


Deploy Cloud Integration Architecture and Services

Based on assessment and resulting plan recommendations, we would deploy customized Cloud Integration Technologies and begin executing on agreed Proof of Concept migrations of external systems.  We leverage our DISCOVER AI platform to harvest data structures, relationships, business logic, and TELEMETRY to enhance monitoring and visibility.

Implement                  Foundation

​Setup Cloud-Based BRIDGE replication server and deploy MultiValue triggers for target file systems.  BRIDGE Foundation operates as a change router to other replication and event services.


SQL Replication

Uses BRIDGE Foundation to capture change events that are then normalized into SQL table structures, forward to to replication service bus and inserted into target SQL databases.


HUB Replication

Uses BRIDGE Foundation to capture change events that are pushed to OMNI replication server where business objects are created and forwarded to shared service bus for delivery into no-SQL storage.


API Integration

Install OMNI on MultiValue environment surfacing all application data and business logic.  Begin mapping new APIs to be used in integration projects.


New Modularized Commercial Business Applications Can Now Be Deployed Retiring MV Functions Over Time.

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Initial Replacement and Augmentation Apps Deployed

During the assessment process the new application integration roadmap is established.   This document lays out the sequence of new system or process introductions reflecting overall business objectives, economics, difficulty, criticality, and costs.

During this phase, which can last multiple years, Onsystex provides full project management, analysis, engineering, configuration and development assistance tailored to client's requirements and existing resources.

MV Risk Mitigation is Achieved When No Critical Operations Remain on MV and
End of Life Approaches.

More About Onsystex


Manage MV End of Life and New Application Deployments

The most successful projects end with MultiValue applications being retired or reduced to small manageable services, usually headless, quietly serving the business until their business logic or integrations can be rewritten or replaced.

In all cases  Onsystex technologies and services are designed to retire with the MultiValue Applications.   

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