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What is On Our Minds?


Thoughts on Strategies to Modernize MultiValue Applications

and the Future of MultiValue Technology.

We Were There in the Beginning. 

Yes, all the principals of Onsystex have worked for MultiValue database vendors, built businesses based on MultiValue applications, and created enabling technologies such as 4GL's and integration services.   We were fans of MultiValue capabilities for many years.


For the past 8-years we have committed ourselves to helping companies Modernize Multivalue Applications. 


Trends Impacting the Future of Multi-Value and its Users

Bob Miller | Onsystex | May 19, 2024

Originally on the forefront of developing complex customized business solutions in the 70's, the predictions about when MV would finally take its last breath have continued for over 10 years.


With the recent Rocket acquisition of a major legacy modernization company and Rocket's re-branding as a "Modernization" company, we had to ask ourselves what's next.


A Quick History of MultiValue

A Nostaligic View

Bob Miller | Onsystex | April 19, 2024

In the swinging sixties, when mainframe computers were the size of small rooms and punched cards ruled the data world, two visionaries—Don Nelson and Dick Pick—set out to revolutionize how businesses handled information. Their brainchild, the Pick Operating System, emerged from the cocoon of research labs and took flight in the bustling business landscape.

This is a primer on the value propositions that drove so many major companies, institutions, and governments to run their business on this technology.

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