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We are Amongst the Most Experienced MV Execs
and Technologists in the Industry.

30 Years Experience

A Vision of Transformed MultiValue

Executive Team

Tim Spells, President

A founder and executive in multiple MultiValue businesses including Cuebic, OnGroup, and Apscore, Tim is a well known and respected provider of trusted MultiValue solutions.  


Mario Barrenechea, CTO

Mario brings 25 years of experience in executive, product, sales, and technology roles at companies such as System Builder, Pick Systems, UniData, Ardent, Informix, and Raining Data. Mario has also been at the forefront of numerous non-MultiValue products including Vertica, a columnar store database.


Bob Miller, COO

Bob has 25 years of experience in MultiValue and has founded and exited 4 financial technology startups incorporating MultiValue innovations such as objected oriented basic, web delivery, and multi-petabyte XML storage.

Ian Sandler, Director

A long career spanning both database providers and application companies, Ian has held positions at General Automation, C.Itoh, and Sanyo and consulted with scores of companies globally.

Seasoned and Innovative. 

Onsystex was founded by MultiValue veterans with an average of 30-years' experience including positions at leading MultiValue companies such as Pick Systems, Raining Data, Informix, Ardent, Unidata, System Builder, ONgroup, Cuebic, Apscore, Ultimate Corp, General Automation and C.Itoh.

We are passionate about continuous advancement in application development, integration frameworks, resiliency, and the role of AI/ML in accelerating legacy system transformation.

Our experience spans many major MV applications and the 4GL's that they are built on (e.g. SystemBuilder, Cuebic etc.) as well as all flavors of MV databases.

From a Client

CIO of $4B Global
Distribution Business

"We had tried numerous approaches and tools to better integrate our 4,000 user MV platform, get to the web and support new applications.   The team at Onsystex brought us technologies and know how that got us there better and faster.   Unlike other firms in the MV space, Onsystex is clearly rooted in both the MV complexities and modern cloud technologies."

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