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Helping CIOs and CTOs to Navigate the Process of Modernizing their Aging MultiValue Business Applications.

Diagram showing a straight path through a maze to MultiValue independence via OASYS Server.


You Have Enjoyed the Benefits of MultiValue for Decades but Now...

Client Demands for Web and Mobile

Many applications still rely on 'green screen' technology in spite of broad demand for web and mobile interfaces. Extending MV apps with these capabilities are critical.

Limited Supplier Technology Investments
Aging Talent Pool and
New Resources
Inability to Leverage Modern Technologies

Once there were a dozen providers of MV databases competing and innovating. In this shrinking market those investments have also shrunk.

With many experienced MV developers retiring and little to no new developers entering this industry, the risks of maintaining your applications have increased.

To the contrary, investments of hundreds of billions of dollars in modern database and development tools are left untapped by many MV applications. 

You Must Modernize, but the Choices Are Daunting...


Decades of business logic. The thought of unwinding, coupled with the impact on business processes seems impossible to reconcile.

Buy New?

The cost, time and risk of finding and implementing a new system seems equally intimidating.


Building new apps that leverage your MV applications and surfacing data in ways where modern reporting tools can be the answer.

OASYS is Your Strategy to Evolve

OASYS Bridge technology logo

Replicate your MV data birectionally on a real-time basis in SQL exposing your data to modern reporting and business intelligence tools.

OASYS Omni technology logo

Expose your legacy business logic as high-performance API's and integration services with this configuration based integration framework.

OASYS REST technology logo

Modernize your core applications. Extend, build and integrate quickly. Deploy to desktops, mobile devices and tables

OASYS Server technology logo

Run your legacy MV application code directly on SQL databases.

OASYS Web technology logo

Transform your 'green screen' application into a fully responsive web and mobile interface faster than any alternative.

OASYS is born of a big vision of the future of the MultiValue legacy and informed by some of the industry's most experienced executives and technologists.  If we are successful, we will make ourselves obsolete.

From MultiValued Experts with
Hundreds of Years of Experience


Modernization is a journey. We at Onsystex have the people, experience and established processes to guide your modernization efforts.


Onsystex is founded and operated by individuals with decades of MultiValue experience who have a proven track record of driving innovation in this marketplace.

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